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Get 75% MORE Traffic to Your Videos (or Client Videos) using a Very Simple Trick!


ONLY 25% of the searches made online are in ENGLISH!

And yet most people still focus on trying to rank in English!


YouTube is the 2nd LARGEST Website on the Planet...

And still a lot of people focus their efforts on trying to rank and get traffic from ONLY Google!


YouTube Gets 1.7 BILLION Unique Visitors per Month!

Just think, all the visitors you will ever need are ALREADY ON YOUTUBE!

1.7 billion unique visitors a month.

75% of searches on YouTube are not in English...

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You'll Never See TARGETED TRAFFIC Get to Your Websites So QUICKLY!

With Tube Video Translator You can Convert the Title, Descriptions & Subtitles of Your Videos into 100+ Foreign Languages!

No Need to Upload Translated Versions of the Same Video. Let the Software Import the Translations Directly into Your Current Videos on YouTube!

It's Like MAGIC Happening Right Before Your Eyes!

Sit Back Relax and Let Tube Video Translator do All the HEAVY Lifting! ...

Videos Tool

Quickly import all your videos using the built-in browser into the Video Tool.

Import UNLIMITED number of videos!
Instantly see how many subtitles available for each of your videos
See all subtitle languages for each video
No Google API costs!
No built-in credit system
Generate UNLIMITED subtitles
No monthly costs EVER!
Translate UNLIMITED titles & descriptions
Translate videos for your clients with ease!

Unlike similar tools on the market, Tube Video Translator has NO LIMITS and you DO NOT pay for ANY monthly costs! .. NOTHING, NADA, ZILCH!!!

NO Cost Translation!

Imagine having the freedom to translate as many videos as you want each to over 100 languages WITHOUT any extra costs!

We strategically integrated the FREE Google translate tool into a built-in web browser with complete automation.

You can technically translate ANY content and UNLIMITED number of characters ... FREE!

Other translation tools must charge you a monthly fee or credit system in order to cover their API costs.

But, inside the Tube Video Translator, we are not using the Youtube API, therefore, you will never have any monthly costs!

Generate UNLIMITED Subtitle Files for Clients!

We've even integrated a separate feature that allows you to automatically generated UNLIMITED number of translated subtitle .SBV files.

You can deliver these files to your clients and keep 100% of the profits with NO LIMITS!

Then they can easily import the subtitle files into their YouTube studio.

Stop paying monthly fees when you don't have to!

Save MASSIVE Time with More Automation!

We recommend using all 5,000 characters in your video descriptions to maximize your video SEO potential.

But, your translations may produce more characters than allowed..

.. and the software will show a RED box indicating the number of characters are over the limit.

And to make it ridiculously SIMPLE to update your translations..

.. we built-in an automation tool allowing you to quickly re-translate your content with a click of a button.

There is nothing on the market with this type of simple automation!

FACT: Over 80% of videos are watched muted!

You MUST add Captions & Subtitles to your videos or client videos!

Online studies show that 50% of consumers said captions are important because they watch videos with the sound off.

If your videos don't have captions, subtitles, or translations, you are LOSING viewers & money ... EVERY single day!

FACT: Users prefer content in their native language

Online studies show that between 64 - 85% of surveyed online shoppers need access to information in their native language before making a purchase!

And 90% of Europeans prefer browsing the web in their first language!

Are you starting to see how important captions and translations are for your videos?

STOP leaving all this fresh traffic on the table and let Tube Video Translator automatically add over 100 languages to all your videos today!

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Instantly Get All The Keywords a Video is Ranking For on YouTube in Just Seconds!

Rank Checker

Need to know what keywords ANY video is ranked for in Youtube?

With just a few clicks you can instantly see EXACTLY that!

Enter any video link, click the "Get keywords from video" button to get the video's main keywords.

Next, click the "Get Related Keywords" to generate more highly searched related keywords...

... and Tube Video Tracker will reveal the video rank position in Youtube for EVERY keyword!

There are NO limits in the software allowing you to extract the keyword rank for  unlimited  videos and unlimited keywords!

Multiple Videos

Extract ranks for multiple videos at the SAME time!

YES, you can now extract keywords from all given videos and reveal the video rank for each one.

Now you will know the EXACT keywords your videos are ranking for.

Spy on your competitor's videos and analyze the best keywords you can use in your own marketing!

Rank Tracker

With the Rank Tracker tool, you can track UNLIMITED Youtube videos for as many keywords as you want!

See how video ranks change over time so you can optimize your SEO and traffic with ease!
Track your competition's video ranks to see when new opportunities are available.
Provide tracking reports to your clients and keep 100% of the income!

Run Multiple Trackers

You can even run several instances of the software with different trackers in each!

Run unlimited rank trackers in different rank track files
Easily save all data to CSV or text format.
Export chart to images and deliver custom research packages to your clients with ease!

Tube Video Tracker is a one-of-a-kind software app allowing you to quickly understand what keywords rank for any given videos on Youtube!

Track UNLIMITED Keyword Ranks for UNLIMITED YouTube Videos!

Click Play to See

Powerful Statistics

With the Rank Tracker tool, you can track UNLIMITED Youtube videos for as many keywords as you want!

See how video ranks change over time so you can optimize your SEO and traffic with ease!
Track your competition's video ranks to see when new opportunities are available.
Provide tracking reports to your clients and keep 100% of the income!

Save Your Data

We've made it super easy to save your ranking chart data in many different formats!

Export each chart to SVG & PNG image formats that work anywhere online
The SVG image format can be scaled to any size without getting blurry therefore looking beautiful on any webpage or inside any report.
Export data to a interactive "self contained" HTML file that you can deliver to your clients just like any other file. This file is much better than a PDF because the html file contains the ability to interact with the charts, whereas, that's not possible inside a PDF file!
Export all raw data to CSV or TXT file format 

Featured Testimonials from My Beta Testers

I've honestly been looking for a cheap way to translate all my videos, so the translator app is exactly what I needed. Thanks for letting me beta test this tool as well as the video tracker software, that software is really handy for finding the ranking keywords. Awesome job Dave!

Gabriel Pérez

Software Beta Tester

Again, another set of great software without any bugs. Your expertise and professionalism shine through in your work Dave! Thanks for letting me be part of your journey.

John Kulpiner

Software Beta Tester

I love the tracking software! I was able to figure out the exact keywords my competitors are ranking for in Youtube. The translator software works exactly as advertised with no issues installing or running on my Windows PC. I actually use the translator tool to translate other content in my marketing. A nice unadvertised benefit of the software. Thanks Dave!

Kevin Miller

Software Beta Tester

Brilliant software ideas! I tested the translator tools and they worked perfect. I am surprised this works using the free Google translator tool, so its nice to know there are no monthly costs or API stuff to worry about. The tube video tracker software also works well with no issues to date. Nice work Mr. Dave and thanks for letting me test your new software.

Janice Walker

Software Beta Tester

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No other tool online provides UNLIMITED translations with absolutely NO limits and NO monthly costs!

Generate Unlimited Subtitle Files

Pump out fully translated subtitles for ANY YouTube video in 109 languages for UNLIMITED videos!

Translate ANY Content

Translate UNLIMITED characters for ANY content without paying any monthly fees or credits!

Save Time & Money

No need to hire people to create translated videos. Just point & click your way to 100+ translations per video with ease!

Stop LOSING Traffic

75% of searches on Youtube are in foreign languages & 85% of online shoppers want information in their native language!

Additional Revenue

Sell data for thousands of dollars to clients who don't have the time to research for themselves. 

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Tube Video Translator Software
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Tube Video Tracker Software
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Rank Tracker Tool
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Uncover Ranking Keywords For Unlimited Videos

Instantly uncover the top ranking keywords for unlimited videos!

Track Unlimited Keywords & Videos

Easily track unlimited keywords for unlimited videos gathering valuable ranking statistics over time!

Run Multiple Trackers

Easily run multiple instances of the software gathering ranking data for unlimited YouTube videos!

Export & View Beautiful Historical Ranking Charts

Generate beautifully designed video ranking charts and YouTube results charts in various formats!

Uncover Hidden Secrets

Spy on your competition to see the EXACT keywords their top YouTube videos are ranking for!

Additional Revenue

Sell data for thousands of dollars to clients who don't have the time to research for themselves. 

Extra Bonuses

Get 10 computer installs and outsource license only available during this limited-time discount offer.

Special Discount

Get this software bundle at the lowest price during this special discount. Don't miss out!

About The Developer

Dave Guindon

B.Eng., M.A.Sc. in Electrical Engineering
Software Developer/Webmaster
Online Marketing Entrepreneur

"From our family to yours, we thank you for your support and hope you and your family are safe."

Your Questions Answered

Will the software work on a Mac?

Yes, the software work on Mac computers. In fact, we will provide a completely native Mac application that doesn't rely on the Adobe AIR platform.

How many computers can I install on?

Normally, you can install the software on 1 computer that you own. But, during this promotion, you get an outsource license that allows you to install the software on 10 computers you own or for your employees, partners, or outsource team.

What Mac OSX and PC Windows Versions are supported?

The software will work on Mac OSX 10.10 or higher including the 64-bit Catalina OSX, and Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 & 11.

How do I get support?

You can contact our support team anytime at our support help desk here

Is there a Refund Policy?

Yes, absolutely. You have a full 30 days to try the software, and if you are not satisfied in any way, contact us here and our team will refund your payment right away.

Are there any monthly or recurring payments?

No, there are no monthly or recurring payments. There is only a one-time payment to get instant access to the Tube Video Translator & Tube Video Tracker software apps.

Is this software cloud based?

No, both software are not cloud based. They are desktop software that run on a Windows computer or a Mac Computer. Since the software is not cloud based, it will work MUCH better at extracting data using the power of your computer instead of sharing the data extraction with thousands of other users on a cloud based server.

Are Software Updates Free?

Yes, absolutely! You will receive all future updates for major version 2 absolutely free for life! We release between 30 to 80 updates spanning 1-2 years for a given major version. In fact, every time you open the software, it will automatically check for new updates and provide you with a download button.

Does this software run on my iPad or Android Device?

This software is not a mobile app and will not run on a mobile device running a mobile operating system such as an iPad, iPhone, or Android device. We are currently investigating the option to expand our software to mobile applications in the near future.

Get This Software Risk Free!

Your purchase comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the product, we will refund your purchase. Simply put, we don't deserve to accept your money unless you are completely satisfied with the product. We are taking all the risk for you and you have nothing to lose! 

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